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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

This web site came about as a way to chronicle the restoration of my Camaro. With that said the above picture is a before shot. Thanks to a incompetent wrecker driver from (lack of) Integrity Towing from Waller Texas my car was dropped off the back of a roll back wrecker as it was being loaded to go to the 2002 Houston AutoRama.

While It could have been worse, this incident wrinkled every body panel on the car including the roof and crushed the rear floor pans on both sides of the undercarriage. Because the roll back bed was only half way up, about 2 1/2 feet off the ground, when my Camaro broke loose it actually landed on the rear tires instead of the rear bumper/body work. This probably was the saving grace that kept my Camaro from being a complete total.

The fun came after the incident when Don Inman the low life scum bag (personal opinion) owner of (lack of) Integrity Towing refused to give me insurance information. While he promised to pay for the repairs he changed his tune after I told him what it was going to cost. Luckily or smartly I had classic car insurance with Hagerty Insurance who are covering most of the repair cost.

The only knock I have with Hagerty is the snails pace the settlement took. It took three months before I got the go ahead to start work on my Camaro. Other than that they have been very nice and professional with good follow up.

For the on going story of my restoration click on Camaro page and read all about it.

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